The following Sisters and Brothers are to be nominated for elected office 

at the 49th Triennial Assembly in Orlando, FL (names are given in alphabetical order): 

This list is being posted by request of Marianne Shenefelt, RWAGM


Most Worthy Grand Matron

Most Worthy Grand Patron

Marianne R. Shenefelt, PGM of Wyoming

Henry S. Martin, PGP of Texas


Right Worthy Associate Grand Matron

Right Worthy Associate Grand Patron

Glenda G. Winchester, PGM of South Carolina

F. Lon Lowry, PGP of Ohio



Right Worthy Grand Secretary

Right Worthy Grand Treasurer 

Alma Lynn Bane, PGM of Texas

Ann Lysholm, PGM of British Columbia & Yukon

Charlie Chandler, PGP of West Virginia

Linn D. McNary, PGM of Louisiana

Ruth Smith-Fraser, PGM of Virginia

HelenBeth G. Vilchek, PGM of Pennsylvania


Right Worthy Grand Conductress

Right Worthy Associate Grand Conductress

Billie Bradfield, PGM of Arizona

Debbie Dhayer, PGM of West Virginia


Andrea “Andy” Paroni, PGM of Idaho


Right Worthy Grand Trustee: 

Right Worthy Grand Sentinel

Helen Delaney, PGM of Ontario

Michael E. Berry, PGP of Kentucky

BarbaraAnn K. Holmes, PGM of Nevada